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Absolutely FREE Installation, Front Door, Back Door, Garage Door, Motion Detector, Remote KeyFob and No Equipment Purchase & Save on  24/7 U.L. Monitoring .Discount of up to 20% (check with your agent). No Dealers Please.
All you pay for is $29 per month, Inculdes 24/7 Monitoring & Service Warranty!
Brilliant Touchscreen
The lifestyle enhancing touchscreen puts information and control at your fingertips,
protects your property and possessions, lets you operate your security system on
the go—it can even keep you connected to your family and home whether you're
across the street or across the world. No other system can touch it!





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Security Companies In Los Angeles

Security Companies In Los Angeles Check around, and you're sure to see that you have a wide choice of security companies in Los Angeles. It would be wonderful if they were all as reliable and experienced as Armguard Corporation. We have been making Los Angeles a safer place in which to reside for more than thirty years.

Flip through the Yellow Pages and you will find dozens of security companies in Los Angeles. Search online, and you'll receive about eight million results. Does this sound like a bit too many to wade through while you're shopping for great security companies in Los Angeles? We think so, too. Welcome to the online home of Armguard Security. Here is where you may order your new, state-of-the-art home security system from Honeywell-Lynx. If you've been hunting around for one of the most well respected security companies in Los Angeles, you have definitely come to the right place. We'll install a world class home security system at your location for little if any cost to you. At the time of this writing, we are offering free installation of three door sensors plus a motion detector. We'll even toss in a free wireless key fob with which to engage or disable your alarms. Few if any other security companies in Los Angeles will offer you such a valuable deal for no charge.

Choose us from among all security companies in Los Angeles, and you'll get a lot of security for a low monthly fee. How does thirty five bucks a month sound to you? We invite you to compare our prices with other security companies in Los Angeles. We're certain that you'll come to realize that our prices are entirely fair and affordable. What's your peace of mind worth to you? Protect your family and your property with a great home security from Honeywell and Armguard Security companies in Los Angeles. When you are ready to know more about our company and the Los Angeles home security we provide, give us a call at 877.518.6857. Security Companies In Los Angeles
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Part No.  Description 

L5000 LYNX Touch Touchscreen Color Graphic Wireless Self-Contained Security System
L5000PK LYNX Touch with (3) 5816 Door/Window Transmitters, (1) 5834 Wireless Key Remote and (1) 5800PIR-RES Wireless Motion Detector
L5000-SIA LYNX Touch Touchscreen Color Graphic Wireless Self-Contained Security System with CP-01 compliance
GSMVLP5 Internal GSM Radio with Two-Way Voice Support
ILP5 Internal Internet Communicator
LYNXRCHKIT-SHA 24-Hour Backup Battery for L5000 and GSMVLP5 Radio
LYNXRCHK-HC 24-Hour Backup Battery for L5000
LYNXRCHK-SC Four-Hour Backup Battery for L5000 and GSMVLP5
5800ZBRIDGE Z-Wave Add-on Module

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